Printable wireframes to create the layout of a website or application

Published on October 19, 2023

All new web projects start with a phase of reflection. When designing a new website, you need to create a tree structure, structure the pages and define the beginnings of a graphic charter (style, logo, colors, fonts, etc.). Regardless of content, the design of an Internet website must meet the expectations of the persona, i.e. the typical profile of your core target.

Minimalist webdesign

Download our templates in PDF format

Prototyping tools such as Figma, Sketch, or even Adobe XD allow you to create models and define the graphic foundations of a website. However, the good old paper-and-pencil method can be just as effective. In the form of a freehand sketch, a printable wireframe can be used to quickly conceptualize a web interface. It's the easiest way to define the positioning of graphic elements in a new interface: menu, title, buttons, etc..

Our PDF file includes print-ready sketches to simulate the screen of a desktop browser(Chrome, Safari, Edge), a tablet and that of a smartphone(Android and iOS). A grid makes positioning the elements more precise... Get your colored pencils ready and start drawing the interface of your future website!

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