Clear_All, a complete, high-performance CMS for free using

Sure, here is the translation of " Server Edition, un CMS ultra-léger, 100% Nocode, sans base de données qui s'installe sur un serveur PHP en quelques secondes seulement."


With a hosting plan and a domain name, you can download SE (Server Edition) and install it directly on your server to get a ready-to-use content management system (CMS). We recommend the providers IONOS by 1&1 or OVH Cloud, which offer storage space and a domain (.com, .fr, .net, .org ...) for just a few euros per month.

Requirements for the installation of the Server Edition content manager SE (Server Edition) is a lightweight CMS that requires few resources. A shared server equipped with a PHP 7.0 (or higher) environment is sufficient to ensure the proper functioning of the system. SE does not use a MySQL database, the data is stored in several encrypted and secure files. Even if a storage space of only 100MB allows you to already take advantage of the potential of SE, the needs depend on the nature of each web project: blog, showcase site, portfolio...

Installation and commissioning of your website

Simply download the SE installation kit (less than 100kb) and copy the contents of the ZIP file to the root of a PHP server. The FileZilla software makes this operation very easy. A simplified installation procedure starts by accessing the site via the browser's search bar. That's it, after a few seconds your new site is ready to use!

Install Kit

Translated by Gemini (Google IA)