Create a blog for free, build a website for a business or an association.

No-code website editor, 100% free and without ads! In just a few minutes, you can have a functional and ready-to-use website.


The world's lightest CMS and arguably the simplest way to create a blog, develop a website for an association or a business. is an ideal creation tool for launching a new website, sharing a passion and creating a community around a project.

Start creating your own website now! Focus on the essentials and let take care of formatting your texts, images, videos and all your documents to create elegant, personalized and ergonomic web pages. offers a complete, free and unlimited service. It can be installed on a personal server (Ionos, Hostinger, LWS, OVH...) or operate without a web hosting service.

Develop a website without coding

There are hundreds of good reasons to develop and administer a web page! It is an effective way to share a passion, distribute a CV, present an association, a sports club, a community, or highlight the services of a company. For professionals, it is an essential tool to display their services and gain the trust of new customers.

No-code tools allow beginners to easily design applications and web pages without having to learn programming. They also allow you to automate certain processes or facilitate the processing of information. is a website builder that uses this technology to make it easy to edit and publish web pages.

Websites generated with the editor have a responsive design, they are perfectly displayed on all browsers and all devices: Mac, PC, tablets, smartphones...

Optimized code for better visibility on Google and all other search engines

The structure and coding of the pages generated by optimize natural referencing (SEO). Thanks to a light code and an appropriate use of HTML5 tags, the websites created on respect the standards imposed by Google to be more easily visible. Thanks to a database-free operation and the use of a high-performance caching system, guarantees incredible performance and fast page loading.

The size of HTML, CSS, JS files and all resources are compressed to make our websites faster. The automatic framing of images reduces bandwidth usage and further reduces the loading times of our pages. Search engines analyze the texts, images and all the elements that make up a site to position it more or less well in the results pages.

An ideal CMS for sharing ideas, passions, and building a community.

A completely free solution with no subscription fees.

A NO CODE tool that requires no programming knowledge.

A responsive design for perfect display on all screens.

No MySQL database for quick installation on any server.

Exceptional SEO performance thanks to optimized and compressed code. uses the latest web technologies for optimal compatibility and performance on all systems.

Translated by Gemini (Google IA)

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