Simple but effective features for a perfect layout

A content manager that allows you to get to the point by making it easy to compose articles. A complete and secure tool, accessible on PC/Mac, tablet and mobile.

Optimised code for better performance

The pages generated by respect HTML5 and CSS3 standards. They comply with all of Google’s technical recommendations for optimising natural referencing (SEO), thanks in particular to the use of META tags and the Open Graph protocol. The lightness of the pages allows us to obtain remarkable scores, often above 90% on the Google Pagespeed Iinsights analysis tool.

The structured data respects the JSON-LD standard. Integrated into the HTML code in the form of tags, they simplify the semantic interpretation of the content of a page by search engines. This is an essential point for referencing.

Management of the sitemap and automatic creation of anchors on all sub-headings

The sitemap.xml file defines the tree structure of a site and lists the internal links to facilitate the referencing of each page. ensures the automatic update of this file. It is accessible from the site map in the footer.

Security of websites and all personal data

The domain offers a secure connection with an SSL certificate. Also, an anti-force-brute system installed by default on the connection page limits attempts to pirate identifiers.

All your data is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128 bits).

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