Minimalism, a web design trend that puts content at the center of attention

Published on September 27, 2023

In the field of webdesign, minimalism cultivates an uncluttered approach, a simple and functional presentation that puts content at the center of attention. Minimalism is a trend derived from Flat Design, popularized in the early 2010s. With the arrival of smartphones, it was necessary to develop web pages capable of displaying correctly on small screens and taking into account more limited connection speeds; minimalist websites are more easily responsive and display better loading speeds. Far from being a passing fad, the aesthetic codes of minimalism have developed into a graphic standard adopted by a majority of websites.

Le design minimaliste en action

Minimalist design codes for web creation

This graphic trend is characterized by the absence of optional elements. It eliminates color gradients, shading effects and textures to create a clear, high-contrast interface. With a limited number of colors (3 or 4) and the use of empty spaces to lighten the design, the minimalist gives great importance to photos and the choice of font.

The value of blank spaces in article layout

Because visitors move quickly from one page to the next, you need to be able to offer them content that's clearly identifiable and pleasant to read. Inserted between page elements, white spaces make an article more readable. They improve the user experience (UX) and make it easier for visitors to concentrate on the content.

Choose images with a minimalist approach

On an uncluttered website, personalization involves the choice of colors, fonts but also, and above all, the choice of illustrations. Large, bright, high-definition videos or images should be used to create an emotional connection with visitors. Be careful, however, to maintain the site's loading speed so as not to discourage visitors from continuing their visit. Also, loading times that are too long can be detrimental to the SEO of your content.

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Selecting the right colors to personalize a website

The choice of a color palette should be made according to the nature of the site and in line with the brand's graphic charter. Dynamic colors add contrast and fun, so be original. An uncluttered site is generally limited to 3 or 4 colors. Ideally, choose a bright, dynamic main color and a softer secondary color.

Wireframes to print

Use easy-to-read typography

In 2023, many websites use bold fonts (bold fonts). The typography of titles (Hn) must set the tone. It can be original and creative. Some fonts feature geometric shapes, elongated characters, clean lines or a retro style. Opt for large fonts to give your headlines even more character.

Ideally, other texts should use simpler typography to make them easier to read. A sans serif font, i.e. without serifs, is perfectly suited to screen reading.

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Why create a minimalist website?

A clean website looks good on all devices: large desktop screen, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It has a faster loading time, which contributes to a better User Experience and makes navigation smoother. If accompanied by quality content, a minimalist site can reduce the bounce rate. Finally, it's worth remembering that the minimalist style is quite simply fashionable, giving a modern and dynamic look to a website. works on these principles. It lets you create a modern, streamlined website in just a few minutes, without having to enter a single line of code. Our web design tool lets you create a minimalist, elegant website with a streamlined interface that makes it easy to publish content. design is a nocode tool that gets straight to the point:

Creating a trendy website

Minimalist design on every level

Parallel to the field of web design, operating systems (OS), applications and all user interfaces now use a streamlined, minimalist style. Implemented by Google, Material Design defines a set of graphic and aesthetic rules deployed on all websites of the Mountain View (Google headquarters) giant.

is also integrated into the interface of Google Android, the most popular smartphone operating system. The recently unveiled Material 3 brings a host of new features. It introduces graphic trends that are likely to influence web design and the way a website is conceived.

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