Free Icons (svg or png) and royalty-free vector images to use in your web projects

Updated on May 30, 2024

Looking for quality pictograms to illustrate a web page, application, PowerPoint presentation or sales brochure? Many websites offer icons for free download in JPG, PNG, GIF, EPS, PSD or SVG format. As icons are images composed of relatively simple shapes, vector formats are much better suited to this type of illustration.

A vector image in SVG (acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics) format is lightweight and guarantees good loading speed for web use. It also offers the advantage of being able to adapt to any size, without any loss of quality. Documents intended for printing (poster, sales brochure, flyer) tend to use EPS (acronym for Encapsulated PostScript) files, an older vector format, certainly, but a true standard in the printing world.

So it's important to identify your needs before choosing an image format.


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★★★★★ A collection of 220 icons, particularly suited to illustrating web interfaces or applications. The images are available in several finishes: outline, solid, mini and micro. The website was designed by the creators of the Tailwind CSS framework. It lets you directly copy icons in SVG or JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension) format for easy integration into your React projects.

★★★★☆ A site with an impressive number of icons! The platform has long remained free; many of the images in PNG format still are, but access to SVG vector files is now paid for via a rather expensive subscription system (and that's a shame). also offers a fine collection of animated icons, downloadable as GIF and MP4. (notre préféré !)

★★★★★ A huge collection of over 300,000 icons in SVG format. Here everything is free, the files are of excellent quality and the interface is particularly well designed! An efficient search engine allows you to filter results according to several criteria (monocolor, multicolor, duotone, outlined, flled, glyph, rounded and sharp) so you can find illustrations on that match a specific graphic style.

★★★☆☆ A very large collection consisting of over 4500 files! Simple icons with a homogeneous style and a flat design look, downloadable in SVG, PNG, EPS and PSD formats (proprietary file developed by Adobe) The resources available on are completely free of charge and use of the site requires no registration.

★★★★★ A simple, effective interface featuring only vector icons. At first glance, the choice may seem limited, but the platform allows a large number of settings to modify the appearance of images before they are uploaded: choice of colors, angles, line thickness... The collection collection offers the option of downloading icons in SVG format or copy-pasting the code to the clipboard for direct integration into a CSS style sheet, for example.

★★★★☆ A gallery of over 1,500 vectorized images. Simply click on the icon of your choice to copy-paste the SVG code to the clipboard. This can then be integrated into the HTML code using a text editor (Notepad or SublimeText). Simple and effective, lets you customize icons to suit your needs: size, line thickness, color ....

★★★★☆, a beautiful Open Source (free and royalty-free) library for finding quality colorful Emoji. All resources are organized by theme and available in SVG and PNG formats.

★★★★☆ A gigantic media library with 86 million files! Royalty-free, public domain PNG and SVG icons. Like Wikipedia, the famous collaborative encyclopedia, is a participatory library powered by the users themselves. The quality of the resources varies, but it's an interesting tool for finding original and unique images.

★★★★★ As a bonus, a focus on the famous site, which also offers thousands of Open Source system icons. An indispensable resource for giving your project a Material Design look. Icons are available in various finishes: linear, solid background or colored.

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