Essential free tools for webmasters and communicators

Updated on May 30, 2024

Designing a website requires the application of many and varied skills. Each stage requires the use of specific tools available online or that you can install on your computer (Mac or PC). There are copywriting services, compression (code and image compression)SEO analysis, layout, coding and design applications....
Each webmaster selects tools according to his preferences, his way of working and his habits. For the start of 2024, we've chosen to present an inventory of really useful free online tools to help you design your website.


  1. Compress and optimize resources
  2. Compress SVG images
  3. Compressing Javascript files
  4. Compressing CSS files
  5. Create and convert resources
  6. Fake text generator (Lorem Ipsum)
  7. Favicon Generator
  8. Convert SVG images
  9. Generate passwords

Compress and optimize resources

The use of compressed images makes websites faster and more pleasant to navigate; the same applies to all files that contribute to the overall functioning of a web page.

Compress SVG images

Among the many functions offered by, this page allows you to reduce the size of vector images in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. A quick and easy tool for reducing the size of vector files, with no loss of quality.

Compressing Javascript files

A service for removing spaces and unnecessary characters, tabs and comments from Javascript(.js) files to reduce their size.

Compressing CSS files

On the same principle, an effective tool for reducing the size of cascading style sheets. As a reminder, these are the files in .css format that define the visual appearance of websites: colors, choice of fonts, font size, size and location of all the elements that make up a page.

Create and convert resources

Online services for generating resources (text, images, favicons, etc.) and free, easy-to-use online conversion tools.

Fake text generator (Lorem Ipsum)

When you start creating a web page or a document intended for printing (brochure, sales brochure, flyer...), you don't always have the final texts. To simulate paragraph placement and work on page layout, we use false text called Lorem Ipsum. The website lets you quickly generate text in this way.

Favicon Generator is a really efficient tool for generating a complete collection of favicons. The service declines the image in different formats (.ico, .png, .svg) according to use: android, macOS or Windows shortcuts, iOS icon, bookmarks... HTML code is provided to easily integrate the collection into your website.

Convert SVG images

An interesting tool for converting a vector image in .svg format into code. Once encoded, the image can be integrated into a cascading style sheet (.css) for example, or directly into HTML code.

Generate passwords

A simple but effective tool for generating secure passwords according to fully configurable criteria: length, type of characters (numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase, special characters)....

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