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Published on March 11, 2023

Let's set ourselves the challenge of creating a website in under 30 minutes By the way, is it possible to create a site in so little time? Where do I start? What tools should I use? How much will it cost? The first step is to draw up specifications to frame the challenge and define the list of actions to be carried out. By opening an account on, you can create a free, ready-to-use website in just a few seconds. The page is immediately available from a secure web address (URL) such as:

For our challenge, we're going to make things even more difficult by using shared hosting from Ionos. Our site will then have its own domain name and will operate completely autonomously. The SE(Server Edition) resource will keep our project running. Completely free of charge, it's also extremely light, taking up less than 2MB on the server!

Objectives and specifications of our web project

For the purposes of our challenge, only the titles will be formulated in French. Other texts will be generated in lorem ipsum, i.e. a sequence of meaningless words used as examples. I>lorem ipsum texts are frequently used in copywriting and web design to simulate the final composition of a page. Photos are taken from Pixabay, a free, royalty-free image bank. Note that now uses the Pixabay API and connects directly to the famous image provider's search engine. This makes it possible to use a photo from the Pixabay collection, without having to leave the Administrator Interface of your website.

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Our challenge was successfully met, and we were able to create a site in less than 30 minutes!

After 30 minutes' work, here we are webmaster of a new website accessible on The pages are pretty user-friendly, displaying perfectly on all devices (computers, tablets and mobiles) and most browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox...). On the administrator's side, an integrated site editor facilitates the layout of each article: modules allow you, for example, to integrate slideshows, maps, contact forms, buttons, add quotations... All modules are customizable and feature more or less advanced settings, allowing you to compose pages that are unique and pleasant to read: choice of block size, colors, positioning.... is a highly simplified content manager that lets you create web pages quickly! Admittedly, it's not suitable for creating large web projects, but it's perfectly capable of running blogs, showcase sites or even Landing Pages. It has the advantage of being easy to use and requires no technical skills on the part of the user, unlike tools such as Wordpress, Joomla! or Drupal. is clearly aimed at private (blog...), associative (sports club...) or semi-professional (auto-entreprise...) use. Unlike most other web design services like Wix or Webflow, costs nothing. It's completely free and ad-free.

Create a Blog Share your passions, publish your best photos or write articles on subjects close to your heart.

Create an Association Website To raise the profile of your sports club, share your news and unite your members.

Create a professional website To promote your services, showcase your achievements and find new customers through SEO.

Two ways to create a website with

It would be hard to find a tool for creating a website that's so easy to use and quick to set up! There's no database to set up, no technical knowledge required and no specific software to install - and yet, it works! SE is a free, lightweight, high-performance resource that's so easy to use, it takes just a few minutes to create the first pages of a website! It complies with the latest Google recommendations in terms of performance, best practices and accessibility to optimize the referencing of each page. SE — Free Download

Mon site web en 30 minutes
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