Successfully launch a new website free of charge and without having to use your credit card.

Published on November 19, 2022


  1. 7 things to check before you communicate
  2. Using social networks to develop a community
  3. Developing a backlinks strategy to optimize search engine optimization and SEO
  4. Develop a guest blogging business to generate content and create backlinks
  5. Launch an email campaign and inform your contacts about the launch of your new website
  6. Update your email signature
  7. Writing press releases
  8. Conclusion

You've finished creating your new website? Bravo! Now it's time to move on to the next stage and start a communication phase. Professionals and companies will naturally resort to paid solutions to promote their site: setting up Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns, billboard advertising, purchasing promotional space in the press or banners on websites....

If you're an individual, a freelancer or the head of an association, you probably have a budget that doesn't allow for this type of service. , there are effective, free solutions for promoting a website and giving your project every chance of success.

Here's a list of tips to follow and actions to take to successfully launch your new website.

7 things to check before you communicate

It's important to validate the quality of the content and certain technical points of the new site before starting communication.

Using social networks to develop a community

It's no scoop that social networks are essential for getting the word out about a site. The first step is to identify your target audience and choose the most suitable networks: Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest, for example, for the fashion or decoration sectors, LinkedIn for B2B services, Behance or Dribbble for creative people...

On the social networks that offer them, Groups enable you to share your content with communities that have already been built up, and quickly reach a large number of people. Use hashtags # to identify the theme of your content and Arobases @ to associate people or groups with your publications.

Backlinking is a technique for generating inbound links to a site from other sources. The benefits are twofold: generating direct traffic on the one hand, but also gaining legitimacy with search engines and improving your positioning in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). In fact, Google's algorithm assigns a score to each page so as to position it more or less highly in the search results. This score takes into account the site's reputation, the number of backlinks and their quality.

Voilà une liste d’annuaires francophones gratuits qui fonctionnent plutôt bien :

Guest blogging is the practice of inviting writers to publish articles on your website. The practice can be applied in both directions: you accept the publication of a text on your site, in exchange for the publication of your own article on the other party's site. Content must be unique and of high quality.

In this way, both parties gain a new article on their respective sites and a new backlink that will improve their SEO potential.

Launch an email campaign and inform your contacts about the launch of your new website

If you already have a base of contacts, consider informing them by email of the launch of your new web showcase. Include your friends, family and acquaintances. Solutions such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Spot-Hit or Sarbacane can be used to send mass emails, but they are not free. A mail software like Outlook will be able to send your first campaigns: it takes longer, but it's free.

Don't use the CCI (Copie Conforme Invisible) function to prevent your e-mails from being considered spam and going straight to the junk folder. Opt instead for messages sent to only one recipient at a time(using copy and paste) and limit yourself to a few dozen messages per day.

Be careful, however, to respect the rules of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation). Your email list must have been compiled with the consent of the recipients to be legal and RGPD-compliant.

Update your email signature

An email signature lends legitimacy to your messages. Think about creating a signature that includes at least your full contact details, the URL of your new website and a logo. You can do this directly in your e-mail software.

Writing press releases

Issuing a press release (CP) is an excellent way of informing the media about the launch of a new website. Unless you offer a truly revolutionary service, don't expect to appear in the pages of Le Figaro, Capital or Marie Claire magazines! 😉 However, an article in the local press, on a blog or an independent website is perfectly feasible.

LinkedIn makes it easy to find contact details for local journalists, freelancers and influencers. By means of an invitation (Connect button), the network allows you to send them a link to your document (in PDF format), without any intermediary. Don't forget to create a press relations section in the footer of your site. This will include your press releases and links to the various articles you've obtained through them.


It can take several months before you see the first effects of SEO, and you can expect to have very few visitors for a long time. In the meantime, you need to work in the short term by implementing actions that generate visits and contacts quickly; you also need to define a long-term strategy through the regular dissemination of quality content that will contribute to SEO.

“ "To create regular traffic to your website, you need to vary your acquisition channels. " ”
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