New professions: skills required to become a good Community Manager

Updated on May 30, 2024

The Community Manager, also known as Gestionnaire de Communauté or Animateur de Communauté in French, is a relatively new profession that emerged with the rise of social networks and web 2.0. Generally speaking, the Community Manager is responsible for managing the online presence of a company, brand, organization or public figure on social networks and community platforms.

In larger companies, this aspect of marketing is sometimes split into two complementary professions. On the one hand, there's the Community Manager (CM), who acts as the link between the company and its audience (or clientele) on social networks; and the Content Manager (CTM), who works upstream to prepare, plan and organize the distribution of content in line with the objectives of the sales department, for example.

Day-to-day activities and tasks of a Community Manager

The Community Manager's main mission is to develop and manage the online presence of the company or brand he/she represents. He/she must be able to create, animate and federate a community around this brand on the various social networks.

Essential skills for the job of Community Manager

The job requires a wide range of skills, both technical and interpersonal.

“Full Job „

Tools, software and services essential to the Community Manager activity

The job of Community Manager involves using a wide range of tools and software to effectively manage day-to-day activities on social networks, measure performance, create content, monitor online reputation and work as part of a team.

Training and remuneration

There is no specific training to become a Community Manager. However, some communications schools offer specialized courses in digital marketing, digital communications or community management. It is also possible to train online by following courses offered by specialized organizations or Massive Open Online Course(Mooc).

The salary of a Community Manager varies according to his or her experience, level of training and the size of the company employing him or her. In France, the average remuneration for an entry-level Community Manager is around 25,000 euros gross per year. With experience, this can rise to 35,000 euros gross per year.

In conclusion, the Community Manager is an all-round profession requiring both technical and interpersonal skills He or she must be capable of creating, animating and federating a community around the company or brand he or she represents on social networks. To perform this role, it's important to be highly creative, a good listener, good at analysis and a team player. It is also essential to have a good command of social networks and the ability to adapt to rapid developments in this field.

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