Why create a blog in the age of social networks (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter...)?

Updated on May 30, 2024

Blogging as we knew it in the late 2000s has come a long way. Long gone are the days of myspace pages, or worse, skyblogs with their animated gifs and rough layout! Today, the practice has matured and even professionalized, becoming a genuine marketing tool used on many corporate sites. But why continue to maintain a blog in 2024 when social networks ensure much wider instant dissemination?

Two ways to run a blog in 2024

Whether it's a community or marketing blog, there are certain rules to follow when writing articles to optimize natural referencing on Google.

Copywriting rules

The importance of a blog for developing your website's search engine ranking

With the regular publication of new articles, the blog gradually increases its visibility on Google. Each new page incorporates new keywords likely to appear in Google's search results. New articles add weight to the website, increasing its legitimacy and visibility.

Given the ephemeral nature of social networks, the number of visitors to a blog will naturally increase with each new post. This is known as capitalization, as each new text improves the overall visibility of the site and previous articles.

The potential and limits of social networks

Social networks have a relatively low SEO potential and are mainly used to share information with a community. The use of #hashtags helps gain followers, but you often need a permanent base to legitimize your message: a website or blog.

Also, blogs and social networks have a different temporality. Content posted on social media generates traffic in the very short term. It has a relatively limited lifespan and is often displayed chronologically; new posts take the place of older ones, which become less and less visible as the months go by. In a way, it's one shot.

A blog develops long-term visibility. Referencing a blog takes time and requires a more substantial personal investment: creation, writing of articles, illustration... It does, however, give you a great deal of freedom in the formatting and organization of your articles. The blog also allows you to work on your brand's visual identity. The internal linking of a blog (navigation links from one page to another) is essential and must be studied to present the whole of its offer. The blog then becomes a real gateway that directs visitors to a commercial offer they weren't necessarily looking for.

Blogs and social networks are complementary

The blog is used to write in-depth articles or to anchor a brand's news in search engines. Texts must be relatively long and well-written to optimize referencing on Google. At the same time, these articles can be shared on social networks for immediate, viral visibility.

As a result, every post must contain a link to a blog post. With, it's possible to select the image that will be used when sharing a page on social networks (Go to Current Page/ Image dedicated to Facebook/). Choose an eye-catching visual to generate maximum clicks, ideally in 1200x628 pixel format.

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