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Published on March 29, 2023


  1. What is the purpose of a wedding website?
  2. How do we go about it?
  3. What information should you put on your wedding website?
  4. The wedding day is over... and then what?

Are you a couple getting married? As well as announcing your wedding, you can create a website dedicated to your union, offering guests an original, modern and fun experience around your day. are becoming increasingly popular as they add an extra dimension to an already special event. They allow guests to find important information, or more trivial, to consult photos and videos, and to follow the couple as they organize their wedding.

What is the purpose of a wedding website?

Wedding planning usually takes 9 months, sometimes longer. As soon as you announce your union, the countdown begins and there's an enormous amount to organize:

In short, it's a full-time activity that will be rewarded on the day of the ceremony with magical, unforgettable moments! Your site needs to excite guests and set the tone for the day. It's a great communication tool and an effective way of sharing important information with all the guests. make the fun last by involving your guests throughout the preparations? Share your enthusiasm thanks to a wedding website that will help tell a beautiful story about your couple.

How do we go about it?

There are several ways to create a wedding website or a website in general. The more experienced can use Wordpress or any other CMS (acronym for Content Management System). This method requires a certain mastery of web design techniques (HTML, CSS ...) and will not suit the majority of users. It's also possible to use website creation platforms such as Wix or Squarespace, but most of them charge fees or display advertising.

design is an interesting alternative. On the one hand, the service is completely free and displays no advertising banners. On the other hand, it's surprisingly easy to use, allowing you to create complex layouts without having to code anything.

Make a wedding website — Free

What information should you put on your wedding website?

Parlez de vous ! Présentez votre couple, évoquez vos traits de caractère, vos passions, racontez votre rencontre, quelques anecdotes pour mettre un peu de convivialité dans votre site de mariage.

Share practical information such as the address of the ceremony or an access map, communicate the dress code to be respected, talk about the organization of the day and the times of the various activities planned and the unfolding of the festivities.

Publish your wedding list on your website. You can integrate it in the form of a list and add links to online boutiques where the selected gifts can be purchased. You can also offer an online kitty that guests can contribute to according to their budget.

for guests to confirm their attendance.

Be active so that guests consult your wedding site regularly. Don't hesitate to "overflow" and broaden the themes of your publications. Talk about yourself, your travels or your projects; publish content, photos, videos and make your wedding site your couple's diary. But be careful not to say too much about the ceremony. Preserve the surprise effect of certain details for the big day.

The wedding day is over... and then what?

You said " Yes" and the ceremony went just the way you wanted! Now, what to do with your wedding website? Use it to share photos of your wedding dress fittings and preparations, official wedding photos (those taken by the photographer), guest shots and any videos taken during your wedding day. You may also wish to write thank-you messages to your guests. With, you can create private access to certain pages and protect certain content. In this way, only those with a password will be able to access the elements.

The wedding is the beginning of a new adventure, followed by births, the purchase of a new home or the organization of family trips, all of which are opportunities to exploit your wedding site and transform it over time into a family site.... your story continues.

Le site de mon mariage
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