How much does it cost to write a blog post?

Published on September 22, 2023


  1. The importance of content for a website
  2. What are the SEO criteria for writing a quality article?
  3. An editorial style in line with the site's editorial line
  4. ChatGPT in the field of web copywriting
  5. Web copywriting rates in 2024

The creation of content must be regular and of high quality. Whether it's a blog article, a product sheet or an informative text, writing takes time and outsourcing this job can be considered. Web copywriters write articles according to the rules of copywriting to optimize page positioning on Google.

The importance of content for a website

Articles allow visitors to measure the quality of the services offered. They must be useful and well-written to win the trust of Internet users.

Remember, too, that on the Internet, content is king! A site with little text will have trouble ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), i.e. on Google's results pages. The risk is that it will simply be invisible and generate little traffic. To be visible, you need to propose a quality offer and be able to explain it. Each text contains keywords which act as doors that enable web users to enter a website and find out what you have to offer.

Copywriting is a relatively technical activity. You have to know how to write an article that is both interesting for visitors and for search engines.

What are the SEO criteria for writing a quality article?

An editorial style in line with the site's editorial line

There are still many criteria to take into account. Some web copywriting professionals even develop their own techniques to optimize the results of their text from an SEO point of view. There are many different ways to write a text. The editorial style must be adapted to a clearly identified reader profile: corporate text, blog post, news article, product sheet....

The copywriter must know how to organize his arguments and propose a unique and structured text. The first step is to carry out a competitive watch to study the positioning of other articles on the same subject. The copywriter must define a list of keywords and key phrases that will help the article stand out more easily in search engine results pages.

ChatGPT in the field of web copywriting

Tools like ChatGPT are revolutionizing the field of web copywriting, they are now capable of writing complete, well-researched articles. However, their writing style is impersonal. They are linear, superficial, repetitive, soulless, opinionated and emotionless. A text generated by an AI is rather unpleasant to read, it is (for the moment) recognizable by the reader, but also by Google, which risks downgrading the page. ChatGPT is very useful for finding arguments, gathering and structuring ideas, but it's a very bad idea to publish raw text generated in this way.

A good web copywriter must be able to capture readers' interest by integrating the human factor into his production: curiosity, empathy, humor... depending on the nature of the text and the editorial charter.

Web copywriting rates in 2024 now offers a quality web copywriting service at the unique price of €0.19 per word. A complete 800-word article costs just €152 (€0.19 x 800 words).

To order an article, all you have to do is choose the number of words you require and validate your order to receive an email with specifications to fill in. Please allow 24 hours for the text to arrive, ready for publication. The service includes text in French, META TITLE and META DESCRIPTION tags and suggested illustrations (images).

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