3.0 is full of new features and offers even greater performance

Updated on May 30, 2024


  1. A modified interface offering greater control over site design and customization
  2. Visitor analysis and tracking
  3. Over a million free, royalty-free photos to illustrate your articles
  4. An always up-to-date content manager
  5. Organize your ideas and make article writing easier
  6. A table of contents on every page
  7. A new caching system to boost your website's performance
  8. Active image compression
  9. Other enhancements in the new version 3.0

It's official: the Sublimdesign content manager has been upgraded to version 3.0. Even faster and more powerful, it is now hosted on a Unix platform powered by the brand-new PHP 8.2.10 system, available since August 2023. This update brings new features and numerous ergonomic improvements to an already well-designed interface.

A modified interface offering greater control over site design and customization

With the release of version 3.0, goes to the next level. In addition to correcting a number of display bugs due in part to the system's youth, the CMS now boasts a graphical interface that is more elegant, more powerful and as easy to use as ever.

This new version incorporates the Material Design 3 graphic standards introduced by Google.

About Material Design 3

Material Design 3 Interface

All input fields now include a lorem ipsum generator. As a reminder, these are faux-texts used in composition and layout to simulate the space occupied by a paragraph or any other element (titles, texts, lists, comments...). Input fields that allow rich format(bold, italic or underlined text) now display an edit bar for WYSIWYG(acronym for What You See Is What You Get) display. Users get a faithful preview of what their page will look like.

An SEO audit is now available on every page. The analysis makes it possible to measure a page's semantic health at a glance:

The choice of fonts is now multi-level (a specific font for titles, another for text...) and new color palettes are available. Pages can now be read-protected, meaning that a password is required to access content.

Visitor analysis and tracking

With their own PHP server, SE (Server Edition) users could already use Google Analytics to measure website traffic. On the classic version of, a graph now provides an overview of the number of visitors over the last 30 days.

Over a million free, royalty-free photos to illustrate your articles

With version 3.0 of, get direct access to the entire catalog and over a million quality photos to illustrate your pages.

As well as being able to import your own files, the latest version of Sublimdesign now offers the option of searching for a high-definition photo in the database of a huge image bank. Simply enter one or more keywords and choose the desired image orientation (landscape or portrait mode) to access an impressive list of photographs. The service is perfectly integrated into the interface. With direct access to thousands of files, you can compose elegant pages and publish enjoyable articles without having to leave your site's administrator interface.

An always up-to-date content manager

Since the launch of in early 2023, the system has been constantly evolving. Version after version has brought new features: interface evolution, improved web page rendering, improved overall site performance... With this version 3.0, Server Edition users can now update their system and benefit from all the latest features.

As a reminder, is free. It allows you to create a complete, fully functional website by opening an account. At the same time, Server Edition can be downloaded and installed on your own PHP server. The installation kit is very light (less than 100Kb) and enables you to activate a new website in just a few seconds!

Download Install Kit

Organize your ideas and make article writing easier

The new version of includes a notepad. An indispensable, easy-to-use tool to help you structure your texts and optimize your articles for better SEO.

A table of contents on every page

It is now possible to integrate a summary on pages generated with; for web users, it's a tool that facilitates navigation. If the article is long, a summary allows users to understand its structure, find the paragraph that answers their query and consult it directly.

From an SEO point of view, a summary increases the chances of occupying position zero in Google results pages (SERP) and appearing as a featured snippet.

A new caching system to boost your website's performance

design already incorporated GZIP compression, resource minification and browser caching to optimize performance. Version 3.0 introduces a server cache system that further reduces page load times. Called PowerBoost, this new system generates a static, encrypted version of the website. Rather than generating the pages anew with each request, will store them on the server for later display on demand.

In concrete terms, pages are displayed instantly, almost without delay, a point that significantly improves User Experience(UX) and the SEO potential of the entire site. A website generated with can easily score top marks on analysis tools such as PageSpeed Insights.

PageSpeed Insights

Active image compression

Another new feature of this new version is image compression. Illustrations integrated into the website were already automatically resized when they were downloaded, with the size (expressed in pixels) adjusted according to location: a cover image retains a large format, while a so-called secondary image dedicated to illustrating the article is considerably reduced. This technical point contributes to the exceptional loading speed of pages generated with

At the same time, it is now possible to select the compression ratio for each image, independently of the others and without using third-party software. Users can choose between display quality and loading speed to optimize their page.

Page loading speed is an important parameter in User Experience(UX). It is also an SEO factor taken into consideration by Google. By analyzing the pages of a site on PageSpeed Insights(a tool in the Google for developers range), you can see just how powerful our CMS really is! With an adjusted compression rate for each image, the site easily achieves scores of over 90%!

Active image compression is available for all .Jpg, .Png and .Webp files.

Other enhancements in the new version 3.0

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