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Published on November 14, 2023

, or would you like to start up a business as a micro-entreprise? Expand your business with effective communication that's easy to implement. The development of your business will largely depend on your ability to communicate. Whatever your business sector, you need to sell your service, your brand, your skills or promote your products to find new customers and keep them coming back. Social networks are an excellent way of communicating, but you need an online showcase to centralize all the information relating to your business: general presentation, services, products, prices, catchment area, experience, contact details....

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An update on web design services

You're probably an expert in your field, but developing a website isn't something you can improvise. The coding of a web page is relatively complex, and setting up a new site can be tedious. Web development is a profession in its own right, and not for everyone.

However, there are a number of systems that can help you create an online showcase. Content management systems or CMS such as WordPress, Joomla!, PrestaShop, Drupal, Wix, Webflow, Dotclear, Squarespace and many others make the task easier. These are interesting tools, but they come with a price:

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The reason why these web design services are so complex and costly is that they allow you to go very far in creating a website. They offer, for example, the possibility of creating product catalogs, access to a stock management system, an e-commerce service, multilingual functions or an online reservation system.

These are interesting uses, but the majority of auto-entrepreneurs simply want to have a showcase site! Faced with this reality, our content manager offers an alternative, free solution that makes it really easy to create a showcase page. gets straight to the point. It allows you to create elegant, polished pages, with all the main functions you need to create a website - functions that can be fully customized.

Universal functionalities that meet the needs of most uses

The administrator interface is particularly quick to learn. It requires no technical knowledge. It accompanies the user as he enters his content, so that the layout is always impeccable. design is a nocode service, which means that you can create a complete website without having to program anything. No need to know HTML, CSS or JAVASCRIPT, makes website creation really simple!

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More time for your core business

Thanks to, new articles can be published very quickly. For a auto-entrepreneur, it's a time-saver that he can fully devote to his business activity.

A site to gain visibility on Google

Creating a website also gives you an entry point on Google and other search engines. Sharing your business on social networks is essential, as it's an excellent communication channel. However, publications posted on these platforms don't show up in Google's results pages called SERPs (acronym for Search Engine Results Page).

To appear on Google, you need to have a Business listing (formerly Google My Business), ideally connected to a website. Your business will then be located on Google Maps, and the pages of your website will be proposed to users according to the keywords they enter.

Some businesses that need a website to grow

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