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Published on November 10, 2022

There are many tools and CMS designed to help anyone create a website. It only takes a little time for anyone, whether a professional, an enthusiastic individual or the head of an association, to create a website or blog in order to make themselves known. But this coveted visibility is linked to a vital action: content optimization. is the unstoppable solution.

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What is SEO web copywriting?

Search engines like Google are robots. They constantly scan thousands of websites to determine the quality of response they can provide to users. The stakes are high for them: any Internet user satisfied with the answers they receive will be more likely to consult a search engine than its competitor. The system is simple in itself: the algorithms match the questions asked by users with the sites most likely to give them the desired answer, "how to lay parquet yourself" for example. There are two secret weapons in this game: SEO and SEA.

Most website owners can't afford SEA. SEO is therefore the best option, especially as: it's free, its codes of good practice are accessible to all, its codes of good practice are accessible to all.

A SEA action is limited in time, whereas a properly implemented SEO is permanent. Web copywriting refers to the optimization of all the textual content of a site. Everything written, from simple mentions in a navigation menu to blog posts, home page, image titles, category pages and other sub-pages must meet SEO requirements.

Why try to reach the first page of search engine results?

This question comes down to asking why you want to create a website. The aim is to promote an action, a company, an association, a passion, to share and therefore to be seen. The Internet is crowded, and getting more so. The best solution is to aim for the first page of results, especially as 75% of Internet users don't consult the following pages.

How to write SEO web copy on your own?

SEO web copywriting applies to all fields of action available on the Internet: website, blog, social networks, business information displayed by search engines (contact details, reviews, opening hours...). While some of these tasks may seem complex because they require writing skills combined with optimization rules, others are perfectly straightforward.

The website explains how to configure metadata yourself and determine the best SEO strategy for your site. Whether your site is old, new or just a project, there are many things you can do. All you need is time. teaches you, according to your needs, the basic rules of SEO web copywriting to apply to every web visibility channel. Is your sole objective to have a well-referenced Facebook page? will guide you step by step.

Writing can be a real torture for anyone. of self-sufficiency in optimized web writing, but it's quite another to be able to personally write a series of lengthy articles.

Learning the basics of SEO web copywriting is a great asset, however, as it enables any website owner or creator to set up a solid foundation, alone, in complete autonomy. They can then confidently call on a professional web copywriter from the very wide range of freelancers on offer: they'll speak the same language as the other person. It's also easier to determine whether the advice, SEO diagnostics and other thematic skills are in line with your real needs. While many copywriters love their job for its diversity, some subjects require a solid knowledge that can't be acquired in a few days (medicine, law, real estate ...).

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