Why hire a Freelance Community Manager to develop your business?

Published on December 11, 2022

Social media play a vital role in the marketing sector. The very function of community manager has become a profession in its own right, overseeing a company's reputation and popularity on the Internet. The Community Manager's mission, as conceived by Mathilda Community Manager, is to guarantee a company's good reputation through a strong commitment to the web and the various social networks.

- Article by Mathilda QUESSADA, Community Manager

Create a community and increase your brand's influence through the virality of social networks

Managing a community on social networks takes time and experience. The expertise of a freelance community manager enables you to rapidly expand your customer base, generate website traffic and increase sales. A community Manager also helps build a positive brand image and customer loyalty.

Choosing the right social network for your business

A company's field of activity, age and, more generally, the profile of its clientele determine the choice of social networks on which to focus its communication. There's no point wasting time trying to be active everywhere! A freelance community manager can steer a company's marketing actions towards the most relevant social networks, likely to rapidly generate new leads.

Facebook is the most popular social network, so it's essential to create a page dedicated to your business. Instagram has interesting potential for activities dedicated to fashion, decoration and well-being. As for X(formerly Twitter), it's particularly effective for B2B or scientific activities. To promote a company, Linkedin is the most convincing network, and for additional traffic, the community manager will use Pinterest, particularly to generate backlinks.

Web copywriting to improve your Google ranking

The freelance community manager knows how to represent a brand on the Internet. He or she must respond to customer queries on social networks, sharing platforms and forums. He's a web copywriting expert who plays a direct part in the company's development. His skills enable him to improve a company's visibility on search engines by writing texts optimized for natural referencing according to the quality criteria set by Google.

Web copywriting is a job that requires a certain mastery of syntax and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules: every word used has its importance. To gain visibility and attract new customers, put your trust in a freelance community manager! Benefit from the experience of a communications professional to animate your networks, recruit new prospects and build customer loyalty. The freelance community manager will also help you write high-quality articles on a specific theme, so that the new pages created contribute to your website's SEO. The freelance community manager is also called upon to create and edit product data sheets to make an e-commerce site much more attractive. Design and copywriting services include blog articles, sales pitches, online magazines and newsletters.

E-commerce product photography to enhance brand image

Because a good text needs to be accompanied by a beautiful illustration, a Community Manager needs to be able to take photos that highlight the products on a commercial site. Photos make selling easier, and they're an excellent way to communicate on social networks.

A successful illustration must appeal to the prospect and arouse curiosity, leading him or her to visit the page and buy the product.


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With a passion for writing and art, I decided to pursue a career in digital communication. Today, I'm a Freelance Community Manager and use my professional experience to help companies increase their visibility and improve their brand image.

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