Replace Google Analytics with a cookie-free, RGPD-compliant audience measurement tool.

Published on November 28, 2022

Since the implementation of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2018, websites must allow visitors to accept or refuse the use of cookies. In France, the compliance deadline ended on March 31, 2021, and all sites must now signal the use of these tracers, as soon as the page is opened.

As a reminder, cookies are files generated by a website and stored on the user's terminal (computer, smartphone or tablet). They enable us to record a wide range of information that will be collected at a later date. Cookies are very useful; they facilitate web browsing, particularly on e-commerce sites, for example, by enabling users to save their connection data (login and password) or their shopping cart.

Cookies in the context of personal data protection

However, these tracers are becoming less and less popular for commercial and marketing purposes, as they enable advertising to be targeted according to the browsing history of visitors. Concerned about the use of their personal data on the Internet, 40% of Internet users today refuse the use of cookies when opening a website, thus blocking the audience measurement of Google Analytics, which partly operates on this process.

Choose an audience measurement tool that respects user privacy

If your website doesn't use cookies, you should also choose an audience measurement tool that works without cookies! (UX) of your site, avoiding the traditional cookie consent message when opening your pages. works on this principle. An audience measurement system is obviously installed, but it works without cookies, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). The solution selected generates an audience report that complies with CNIL recommendations.

The benefits of Abla Analytics for blog and website owners

The service offers a free package ideal for blogs and showcase sites, and a PREMIUM package dedicated to more dynamic sites. Installation is the same as for Google Analytics: simply open an account and retrieve a javascript code to insert on your pages.

It's the way it works that sets Abla Analytics apart from its competitor. In addition to a data collection system that is more respectful of users' privacy, Abla Analytics features an interface that is easier to learn. In the free version, the administrator has access to a dashboard that gets straight to the point: number of page views, number of visitors, bounce rate, visit time, page views, acquisition and geolocation. Unlike Google Analytics, which provides a mass of information that is sometimes difficult to interpret, with Abla Analytics only the most important data is visible, and displayed in graphical form.

is a simple, lightweight audience measurement tool that respects users' privacy. The service is free for sites with less than 50,000 monthly page views, and offers a PREMIUM package from €15 excl. tax per month for sites generating more traffic. design Server Edition lets you choose between two systems: Google Analytics or Abla Analytics.

Abla Analytics
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