Make a website yourself to develop your own effective communication

Many structures (small businesses, associations, communities) only use social networks to communicate. This is an ephemeral communication where Posts follow one another without really playing the capitalization card.

By having a website, the advertiser can gather all his information on a single platform, organize it as he wishes and count on the Google algorithm to gain new visits. A website must be the centerpiece of digital communication. It must make it possible to generate new commercial opportunities and develop a community around a brand, a passion or a cause. Rather, social networks contribute to loyalty.

Create a professional website to develop new business opportunities

For businesses and independent professionals (traders, craftsmen, self-employed), it is the basis of a successful marketing strategy! A website must allow the development of a brand image; it is an ideal medium for discussing its services, its experience and sharing its news.

With, artisans and small businesses (hairdressers, florists, jewelers, etc.) can create a website in just a few minutes and have a beautiful online showcase. For catering professionals (bars, caterers, restaurants, pastry shops, etc.), it is an effective tool for presenting an establishment, publishing a menu, sharing beautiful photos and encouraging customers to come and enjoy its specialties.

A service for creating a restaurant website

Creating a website for an association, a school or a sports club makes it easy to publish photos, documents, videos and allows you to write texts with a always impeccable layout. It is the ideal CMS to share the date of upcoming sporting events, meeting minutes, match results and all the news of an association.

The ideal tool for influencers who want to develop a community around a passion or a common interest

Thanks to its sober and elegant design, it is the perfect CMS to animate a blog, publish your most beautiful photographs, your travel experiences, write fashion articles, evoke your passion for video games, sport, fashion or any other subject.

In short, whatever your profile, there is always a good reason to start creating a website!

play_circleTutorial to create a website

Translated by Gemini (Google IA)